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  • Who's the Pastor?
    Reverend Shawn Street is the Pastor of Community Church at Bristol.  He is originally from Oakwood, VA and is a graduate of UVA at Wise (CVC).  Shawn resides in Bristol with his wife, Jessica, and their two daughters, Carly and Libby.

  • Is there a dress code?
    Nope.  We all like to be comfortable.  So if you're comfortable in a dress or tie - fantastic!  

    If you're more of jeans and t-shirt person - that's cool!

  • What's CC@B's denomination?
    Community Church at Bristol is considered "Interdenominational."  Founded in 1972, CC@B began with a Presbyterian heritage but has since disregarded denominational barriers.
    We simply follow Jesus Christ and do as the Holy Word of GOD instructs - love one another and tell every nation about Jesus. 

  • Is there a Children's Ministry or a youth program?
    YES!  Kehillah Kids (kehillah is "community" in Hebrew) is CC@B's Children's Ministry.  We dance, we sing, we play games, we study, we pray and we always have a lot of fun while we learn.  Kehillah Kids uses not only Christ-based curriculum like "What's In The Bible?" but also music, movement, art and more!


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